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New Debord/Wolman/Berna/Brau text

Followers of this blog may be interested in the first post on my new blog Letterism in English. It is the first English Translation of a text written by Debord, Wolman, Berna & Brau very soon after founding the Lettrist … Continue reading

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2 new translations uploaded (IS #12)

Another 2 of the shorter articles from IS #12 have been uploaded in draft form (again, please note – these are yet to be independently proofread). The first listed below is interesting in that it suggests that “Society of the … Continue reading

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Debord’s “The Naked City” – mapped onto Google Maps

I recently found something I put together a few years ago, then promptly forgot about. It is Guy Debord’s “Naked City”  mapped onto Google’s map of Paris. I have actually made on overlay for Google Maps that shows each area … Continue reading

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Memoires – footnotes and sources of detournements (Edited working notes)

I have realised that it would be of value to some people to make some information available on the sources of Debord’s detournements (most derived from Boris Donné’s excellent book “Pour Memoires”), and the sources of the pre-existing English translations I … Continue reading

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And Finally… Debord & Jorn’s “Memoires”

 Here is the first truly significant output of this website – the first complete English translation of Guy Debord & Asger Jorn’s collaborative book “Memoires”.  The document has been put together as a facsimile of the original – with … Continue reading

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Debord & Jorn’s “Memoires” finally coming your way!

Over a year and a half ago (sigh…) I wrote about a side-project of producing a ‘facsimile” English version of Guy Debord & Asger Jorn’s ‘Memoires‘.  At the time I wrote: “Most of the translation work has been done – and … Continue reading

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A side-project

As you know, the main work of this blog is centred around producing “facsimile” English versions of the journal Internationale Situationniste. For the last few weeks a few other people and I have been discussing joining forces to take on … Continue reading

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Here is the latest of my test translations. This is the last article from Internationale Situationniste 12. It was actually quite fun to work on – the high point being the final realisation as to what the phrase “Tu l’as … Continue reading

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