IS #4

Published in June 1960.
Scan of original Journal (in French) here.

Articles in English translation:
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1. The Use of Free Time (Translated by Ken Knabb)

2. Die Welt als Labyrinth (Translated by Paul Hammond)

3. The Fall of Paris (Translated by Rueben Keehan)

4. The Theory of Moments and the Construction of Situations (Translated by Paul Hammond)

5. Situationist News (Translated by Rueben Keehan)

6. Programmatic Sketches (Translated by Rueben Keehan)

7. The End of the Economy and the Realisation of Art (Translated by Rueben Keehan)

8. The First Signs of a Revolutionary Culture in Israel (Translated by Rueben Keehan)

9. Description of the Yellow Zone (Translated by Paul Hammond)

10. Originality and Magnitude (on Isou’s System) (Translated by Fabian Thompsett)

11. Concerning Several Errors of Interpretation (Translated by Not Bored!)

12. Gangland and Philosophy (Translated by Ken Knabb)

13. Situationist Manifesto (Translated by Fabian Thompsett)