IS #9

Published in August 1963.
Scan of original Journal (in French) here.

Articles in English translation:
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1. Now, the SI (translated by Ken Knabb)

2. The World of Which We Speak (translated by Thomas Y Levin)

2.1 The Technology of Isolation (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.2 Words and Those Who Use Them (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.3 Leisure is Working (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.4 Absence and its Costumers (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.5 Urbanism as Will and Representation (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.6 Reflections on Violence (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.7 Choice Between Available Models of Revolution (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.8 The Last Show: The Priests Open Their Big Mouths (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.9 Critique in Shreds (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.10 Sketch of a Morality Without Obligation or Sanction (translated by Thomas Y Levin

2.11 “I Must Admit that Everything Continues” (Hegel) (translated by Thomas Y Levin

3. Well Said SI! (translated by Anthony Hayes)

4. Questionnaire (translated by Ken Knabb)

5. Controlled Froth (translated by Anthony Hayes)

6. The Longest Months (translated by Reuben Keehan

7. Letters From Afar (edited from translations by Ken Knabb and Reuben Keehan)

8. Response to a Questionnaire from the Centre for Socio-Experimental Art (translated by Ken Knabb)

9. Correspondence with a Cybernetician (translated by Anthony Hayes)

10. Announcement (translated by Anthony Hayes)