IS #12

Published in September 1969.
Scan of original Journal (in French) here.

Articles in English translation:
(Please note most links are to external sites, 1 article is not available in translation)

1. The Beginning of an Era (Part 1 – translated by Ken Knabb) (Part 2 – translated by Ken Knabb)

2. Reform and Counter-reform the Bureaucratic Bloc  (translated by Ken Knabb) (translated by Gyllene Flottan)

3. How Not to Understood Situationist Books (translated by Ken Knabb) (translated by Not Bored!)

4. Selected Judgements on the SI (translated by Reuben Keehan)

5. Preliminaries on Councils and Councillist Organisation (translated by Ken Knabb)

6. Notice to the Civilised Concerning Gereralised Self-Management (translated by Ken Knabb)

7. The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power (translated by Ken Knabb) (translated by Paul Sieveking)

8. The Practice of Theory

8.1 How the Delinquents Politicised (translated by Reuben Keehan)

8.2 Imposters (continued)  (translated by Ian Thompson – draft only)

8.3 What is a Situationist? (translated by Reuben Keehan)

8.4 The Latest Exclusions (translated by Ken Knabb)

8.5 Addendum to Viénet’s Book  (translated by Ian Thompson – draft only)

8.6  Notes on Spain (translated by Reuben Keehan)

8.7  A Particularly Vile and Clumsy Manoeuvre by Some Anti-Situationists (translated by Ian Thompson – draft only)

8.8  A Masperation (translated by Ian Thompson – draft only)

8.9 Maitron the Historian (translated by Not Bored!)   

8.10  Great Friends of old What’s-his-Name (translator unknown)

8.11  Pushy Salesmen (translated by Reuben Keehan)

8.12  What Makes ICO Lie? (translated by Point Blank)

8.13  The Elite and the Backward (partially translated by Ken Knabb)

8.14  The Gold of the IS (conclusion) (untranslated)

8.15  One isn’t recuperated without wanting it (translated by Ian Thompson – draft only)

8.16  The Return of Charles Fourier (translated by Reuben Keehan)

8.17  On Repression (translated by Reuben Keehan)

8.18  Notice (translated by Reuben Keehan)

8.19  Concerning Nantes (translated by Point Blank)

8.20  The History of the SI Will be Written Later (translated by Ian Thompson – draft only)

8.21  On our Distribution  (translated by Ian Thompson – draft only)

8.22  Cinema and Revolution (translated by Ken Knabb)

8.23   The 8th Conference of the SI (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9. Reasons for a Reprint (translated by Not Bored!)

10. Into the Dustbin of History (translated by Not Bored!)   

11. The Question of Organisation for the SI (translated by Ken Knabb) (translated by Point Blank)

12. Correspondence with an Editor   (translated by Ian Thompson – draft only)