IS #11

Published in October 1967.
Scan of original Journal (in French) here.

Articles in English translation:
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1. The Explosion Point of Ideology in China (translated by Ken Knabb)

2. Two Local Wars (translated by Ken Knabb)

3. Ours Goals and Methods in the Strasbourg Scandal (translated by Ken Knabb)

4. The Situationists and the New Forms of Action Against Politics and Art (translated by Ken Knabb)

5. Aiming for Practical Truth (translated by Ken Knabb)

6. Setting Straight Some Popular Misconceptions about Revolutions in the Underdeveloped Countries (translated by Ken Knabb)

7. Separation Perfected (translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith)

8. Selected Judgements (partially translated by Not Bored!

9. The Practice of Theory

9.1 Imitations (translated by Not Bored!) (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.2 The Seventh Conference of the SI (translated by Not Bored!) (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.3 Minimum Definition of Revolutionary Organisation (translated by Ken Knabb

9.4 Recent Exclusions (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.5 When Axelos Found a Disciple (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.6 Some Rather Predictable Refusals (translated by Reuben Keehan

9.7 A Moralist (translated by Not Bored!)

9.8 The UGAC and its People (translated by Not Bored!)

9.9 Six Postscripts to the Previous Issue (partially translated by Ken Knabb)

9.10 On the Poverty of the Bookstore (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.11 The SI’s Gold (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.12 Concerning Our Distribution (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.13 Two Books of Situationist Theory (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.14 Reading ICO (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.15 The Betrayal of the CNT (translated by Reuben Keehan)

9.16 Revolt and Recuperation in Holland (translated by Reuben Keehan edited by Not Bored!)

9.18 The Splits in the FA (translated by Not Bored!)

9.19 The Alsatian Ideology (translated by Not Bored!)