Debord & Jorn’s “Memoires” finally coming your way!

Over a year and a half ago (sigh…) I wrote about a side-project of producing a ‘facsimile” English version of Guy Debord & Asger Jorn’s ‘Memoires‘. 

At the time I wrote: “Most of the translation work has been done – and I’m now working on integrating the text into the pages.” Well I won’t lie – it hasn’t taken me 18 months of solid effort to achieve this arduous task! But if you wish to believe that… It suits me.

I’ve spend the last 2 weeks tidying things up and revising the entire translation – much easier today as my French is infinitely better than 18 months ago. So later THIS WEEK I will be uploading a PDF of ‘Memoires’ in English, complete with virtual sandpaper cover (as pictured below).

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2 Responses to Debord & Jorn’s “Memoires” finally coming your way!

  1. Will Smith says:

    Do you have any plans to have this printed as a book?

    • biffbang says:

      Thanks for the interest Will – but copyright issues etc would likely make that an impossibility. Even making this available as a PDF is arguably in a very gray area.

      Hope you enjoy it. I found reading the content in English in the context of the Jorn artwork really stunning.

      I’d love to see it in book form myself – and with the help of an inkjet printer, some sandpaper, and help from my artists’-book-making wife I hope to do make that happen for myself….

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