An Introduction to Anna O’Meara

The internet can lead to some very fortuitous meetings.

Recently I was contacted by Anna O’Meara who had heard that I had a number of original Lettriste books. As she explained, she is currently working on translating selections from Isidore Isou’s writing for a book to be published by Annex Press. However getting hold of some of the original texts can be a problem – so she asked if I could help out in some way. The idea of having Isou’s writing available in translation was really exciting to me, so I had no hesitation in offering to help if I could.

After a bit of email correspondence, it transpired that Anna was very interested in my own project. So I cheekily asked if she could help proofread some of my translations of the IS journal. I was very pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of her response!

So for the past few weeks we have been collaborating on each other’s projects. I’ve been scanning Isou texts and she’s been (very thoroughly) proofreading my translations.

The first drafts are available (just click the IS#1 tab on the menu above) – and I’m really thrilled with the quality of the results.

Anna’s page is essential viewing for anyone interested in the 20th century French political and artistic avant-garde. Apart from the first of her translations of Isou, there are a large number of translations of the works of the proto-Dadaist Arthur Cravan and the French Revolutionary Louise Antoine de St Just (who was highly regarded by Debord).

Anna’s Masters thesis on The Marxist Critique of Religion in the Films of Guy Debord is available on the site as well.

There are also two physical books of her translation available:
The Works of Arthur Cravan
Arlequin Diogene – a play by Louise Antoine de St Just

Oh – and she has a cat too, which is always a good sign!

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