Debord’s “The Naked City” – mapped onto Google Maps

I recently found something I put together a few years ago, then promptly forgot about. It is Guy Debord’s “Naked City”  mapped onto Google’s map of Paris.

I have actually made on overlay for Google Maps that shows each area – which should show in the window below:

For context, here are some images that show how the maps relate to each other:

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3 Responses to Debord’s “The Naked City” – mapped onto Google Maps

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  2. davis98f says:

    Hello Biffbang! I was wondering if I would be able to mention and accredit you in my research paper. I wanted to get your approval first. Also, if so are you accredited or is this just something you do for fun

    • biffbang says:

      Hi. Feel free to credit me and the site (my name is Ian Thompson by the way). I don’t come from the world of academia – but I’ve been involved in translating works from Isidore Isou and Marcel Mariën for publication.

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