2016 – The year ahead…

Over the past 12 months my French translating has been directed towards a different project, which will hopefully lead to a published book (on a somewhat related subject). This’ll continue to be the case for at least the next 6 months. As you can imagine this goes a long way to explaining the lack of progress on this blog!

Given that I’ve less time to devote to this project at the moment I have decided the best use of my time in the near future is to work towards translating the untranslated portions of the IS journals – so that at least the entire content is available in English for the first time. I’m quite confident that this can be completed within the year.

After that I’ll go back to working towards facsimile copies of the IS journal in new translations (unless of course, others take up the challenge in the meantime!). It may even be possible that issue #1 will be completed before the end of the year (it was frustratingly close to finished before my energies were redirected).

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