Captions and quotes from THE AVANT-GARDE OF PRESENCE (IS #8)


This translation is a first draft, and has not been independently proofread. However, to the best of my knowledge this text has never been translated into English. Therefore I am making it available in this form with the caveat that there are likely to be mistakes in it. PLEASE APPROACH IT WITH CAUTION!

Draft 0.2 (Revised 2 August 2013)
NOTE: Quote from Hegel’s “The Phenomenology of Mind” is from J. B. Baillie’s translation.

Captions and quotations from the ‘The Avant-Garde of Presence’ (IS #8)


The Situationists between two meetings at the Antwerp Conference

“”Marxism being an error, one has seen at what level they place themselves, [these plagiarists? – fr. plagieurs] of the twentieth order, [when] from an ideology (which they make shakier still), they extract a conception of cultural ruination which is completely lunatic – even to sub-Marxists.
“The Situationists critics want to lay their hands on all means of communication, without having created any, at any level, and to replace them with various creations and trivialities – the results of their unique and enormous triviality. In extreme demonstrations of their present impotence these cretins, we say, represent excretions of a Hitlerian or Stalinist type, the best-known and outrageous examples of which are the nazi gangs of America and England.”

(Les Cahiers du Lettrisme, n° 1, December 1962)
[this image and caption printed in IS #8, p. 15]


While at Saint-Lazare Station you still have to wait for others, search for them, or just wander through the halls of The Unlost – Orly Airport is going to offer a well-defined “rendezvous point” which will remove all the uncertainty. This is a huge metal sphere, suspended in the middle of the hall on the ground-floor, surrounded by a illuminated sign unambiguously reading “meeting place”.
(Elle, 31-8-62)
[this quotation printed in IS #8, p. 16]


Marilyn Monroe, August 5, 1962: in the society of the spectacle the specialization of mass entertainment is the epicenter of separation and non-communication.

“Consciousness… immediately transcends what is limited, and, since this latter belongs to it, consciousness transcends its own self. Along with the particular there is at the same time set up the “beyond”, were this only, as in spatial intuition, beside what is limited. Consciousness, therefore, suffers this violence at its own hands; it destroys its own limited satisfaction. When feeling of violence, anxiety for the truth may well withdraw, and struggle to preserve for itself that which is in danger of being lost. But it can find no rest. Should that anxious fearfulness wish to remain always in unthinking indolence…”
Hegel. The Phenomenology of Mind.

[this image and caption printed in IS #8, p. 19]


“Critique of Separation”
“Don’t be idiotic, she said, you want to save the world, but there’s nothing you can do. This conspiracy is not on an earthly scale, nor even on that of the solar system. We are the pawns in a game played by the people of the stars. ”
(A.E. Van Vogt. The World of Null-A)
[this image and caption were printed in IS #8, p. 20]

From Internationale Situationniste no. 8, January 1963 (p 15, 16, 19, 20). Translated by Ian Thompson (July 2013)

The article these captions are containing within is available here, in English translated by John Shepley.

Full pdf of Internationale Situationniste no. 8 (in original French) can be downloaded from UbuWeb.

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