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A Year Has Passed…

It was just over a year ago I that I last posted to this blog. Well – I’m pleased to say that I’m back, and my original project of making the journal Internationale Situationniste available in English ‘facsimile’ is still … Continue reading


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NOTICE This translation is a first draft, and has not been independently proofread. However, to the best of my knowledge this text has never been translated into English. Therefore I am making it available in this form with the caveat … Continue reading

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NOTICE To the best of my knowledge this text has not previously been translated into English. Draft 1.0 THE SITUATIONISTS IN AMERICA While in London in October, Jorn requested a visa from the U.S. embassy so that he could travel … Continue reading

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And then… everything changes!

The Philosophical Preamble It never ceases to amaze me how simply starting off on a project kicks off a complex process of critique and reassessment – which, if attended to, can refine and hone it’s goals. This has been the … Continue reading

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Here is the latest of my test translations. This is the last article from Internationale Situationniste 12. It was actually quite fun to work on – the high point being the final realisation as to what the phrase “Tu l’as … Continue reading

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A first status update

A Big Week I have just completed a slightly manic week in which I have managed to produce rough drafts of all 12 issues of Internationale Situationniste.. There’s a lot more work to be done before they are ready for … Continue reading

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What’s all this then

The Review The Situationist International(SI) produced the journal Internationale Situationniste between 1958 and 1969. It functioned as the movement’s main organ, and over 12 issues its pages documented the evolution of Situationist theory, the members’ thoughts on everyday life, and … Continue reading

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