1.14 The Second SI Conference


Translated by Ian Thompson, August 2015. Proofread and Edited by Mehdi el H.

The second conference of the Situationist International assembled in Paris on the 25th and 26th of January, six months after the founding conference at Cosio d’Arroscia in July 1957. It primarily dealt with: the development of our action in Northern Europe and Germany; our editorial activity; the organisation of an experimental dérive to be carried out simultaneously by several groups in radio contact; and the first possibilities for putting some constructed ambiences into practice. The conference moved on to purge the Italian section, where a faction had [developed which] supported idealist and reactionary theories. After these [theories] were refuted and condemned by the majority, this faction refrained from all self-criticism. The conference thus decided on the exclusion of Walter Olmo, Piero Simondo and Edna Verrone.

As this new translation was being produced, I cross-referenced it to an existing translation made by Reuben Keehan available on-line here. I would like to acknowledge the work done by Reuben Keehan, and the real assistance his translation provided to me. However all final decisions (for better or worse – which is for the reader to decide) in this translation are mine alone.